Monday, 30 March 2020

Have a go, do what you can.

5th class
Date: 30th March-3rd April.
Don’t be worrying, have fun, do what you can.
This is only a guide

Monday 30th March

Mental maths:Wk: 29, Mon
English in Practice: Day: 121
Reading Zone: Read Unit 24: Parts A-C, questions and answers.
Gaeilge Continue on with Duolingo, I'll reset it agin for the week. 
SESE: Volcanoes,
Research and write a short report.

Tuesday 31st 

Mental maths:Wk: 29, Tue
English in Practice: Day: 122
Reading Zone: Read Unit 24: Parts D-E, questions and answers.
Use the garage band app, have fun.

Wednesday 1st April 

Mental maths:Wk: 29, Wed

English in Practice: Day: 123
 SESE: Research information for your Genius Hour Project.

Thursday 2nd 

Mental maths:Wk: 29, Thurs
English in Practice: Day: 124
Use the twinkl link to see the resources for this
Religion: Read the first two mini stories. Retell it to a sibling or parent at home.

Friday 3rd 
Mental maths: Fri Test
 SESE: Science
Use or to look up ‘Sound’. Find a diagram of the ear and find out the functions of the different parts. Draw a diagram in your copy.

Relax over Easter! Image result for easter clip artImage result for easter clip art

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