Saturday, 14 September 2019


Gymnastics begins this Thursday (19th).
Please wear PE gear this thursday and Friday, as we are mad into our skipping.
Pictures to follow.



We have been trying to set up our school accounts but have hit a glitch but we are fixing this.  So Duolingo will soon be up and running.

Gaeilge apps for home
Gaeilge apps we will be using in school and can be downloaded at home are:

Saibhreas na Gaeilge
Image result for saibhreas na gaeilge app
Briathar na Gailge
Image result for saibhreas na gaeilge app
Cód na Gaeilge
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All free on the app store.

Have Fun!

Roald Dahl month

September is Roald Dahl month and we have been researching this great authors life. 
I think we are now experts.

We also took an animal each from 'The Giraffe, the Pelly and me' and created a report of fun facts on either a Giraffe, Pelican or a Monkey.

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Fifth Class 2019/2020

Hello and welcome to a brand new academic year.

Genius Hour

An interesting range of Genius Hour projects this afternoon.