Sunday, 4 October 2020

Strongbow and Aoife

 We are learning about how, when and why the Normans landed in Ireland.

We have taken a particular interest in Strongbow and Aoife. 

The marriage of Strongbow and Aoife 


 We found this Dragonfly about 2 weeks ago, we tried to identify him.

Do you know what type it is? 


 Topmarks is a brilliant website, where everyone can practice their maths concepts

Follow the link below to have lots of math fun.


 The children will receive their new log in details for this years fifth class Duolingo. 

Have fun!

Michael Murpurgo

 Author focus this months is Michael Murpurgo, a popular author in 5th class. 

follow the link below to learn more about him:

Useful Gaeilge apps

 A number of  Gaeilge apps we will be using in class on the Ipads will be:



Cód na Gaeilge

They are all free to download from the Apple or Google store, to use at home.

Genius Hour

An interesting range of Genius Hour projects this afternoon.