Monday, 28 September 2020

 As you know we have been doing gymnastics very Tuesday, from forward rolls to cart wheels.

keep an eye on the blog and there will be lots of photos. 

 September is Roald Dahl month and we have been learning about this great author.

September is Roald Dahl’s birth month and each year his birthday is celebrated with a wonderful array of events centred around his birthday on 13 September.

Did you know…?

  • Roald Dahl wrote 20 books for children, with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory selling the most copies
  • His worldwide estimated sales are over 200 million!
  • The biggest selling single edition of any of Dahl’s books is the 2007 edition of The Twits
  • Roald Dahl shares an illustrator with David Walliams – the wonderful Quentin Blake
  • He has actually had Scots editions of his titles published, including Geordie’s Mingin’ Medicine and The Eejits!

Genius Hour

An interesting range of Genius Hour projects this afternoon.