Sunday, 21 January 2018

Accelerated Reading

Accelerated Reading has began again and will run until Easter.

I am hoping everyone will hit their target and that we will have a few more join the millionaires club!!

As part of the programme we do two 15 minute slots of reading everyday.  So far it is working well and some people are very close to their target.

However at least 30 minutes of reading at home is needed as well.

This is a fantastic programme and everyone will reap benefits from it.

A letter was sent home before christmas where you were given details of how to log into your childs account and be able to keep track on what they are reading and how they are scoring in their comprehension quizzes.

Keep up the good reading.

Board Game Friday

As part of our oral language we played board games last Friday.  it was a reminder how much fun they can be and how it gets us all talking together.

Millionaires Club!!!

Congratulations to Ava Tierney for reaching the millionaires club in accelerated reading.
Ava read over a million words between Halloween and Christmas. 

Accelerated Reading Awards: Before Christmas the class recieved their awards for great reading.

Genius Hour: Part 2

Just before christmas we had our last selection of Genuis Hour projects.  Here they are, just before we begin our part 3 after christmas.
Corey gave a lovely visual presentation on the different types of penguins.

Charlotte informed us about the functions of the heart.

Alex told us all about the different tyoes of diamonds.

Nina told us all about the different types of sharks there are.

Olga told us all about volcanic lighting.

Brandon told us about George Best, his success and downfall.

Killian introduced us to pygmy hedgehogs.

Ava told us about the functions of the human body.

Olivia explained to us all about Intrepid.

Pollie chose Iceland to investigate.

Karolina investigated Cats.

Katie introduced us to kittens

Amelia gave us a very informative presentation about Fin whales.

Justinas gave a very visual presentation about the Dakar rally.

Chelsea told us all about German Sheperds.

And finally Ryan gave us all a taste of his Mary Berry Lemon Drizzle cake.

Genius Hour

An interesting range of Genius Hour projects this afternoon.