Monday, 20 April 2020

Working from home: 20th-24th April.

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is keeping well.
This is our work for this week.
We are beginning weight this week in Busy at maths.

Monday 21st April.

Mental maths:Wk: 30, Mon

English in Practice: Day: 125

Reading Zone: Read Unit 21: Parts A-C, questions and answers.

Gaeilge: Duolingo activities.
Next page in Am dom léamh.

SESE: Skellig Michael:
This topic incorporates Religion, history and Geography
Follow the link below to Twinkl to give you an idea of what it is and start to do some research, leading towards a report.

Tuesday 22nd April

Mental maths:Wk: 30, Tue

English in Practice: Day: 126

Reading Zone: Read Unit 21: Parts D-E, questions and answers.

We are beginning a new topic this week.  It is weight on page 135 of our Busy at math.
Pg. 135 deals with estimation, read the information at the top and complete the table.

Pg. 136 deals with weight in fraction and decimal form.  We have a good understanding of this already so work your way through it steadily. 
 Remember to use topmarks for lots of fun maths games.  
Wednesday 23rd April 

Mental maths:Wk: 30, Wed

English in Practice: Day: 127

Gaeilge: let’s talk.! Practise your agallamh, which was sent home in your gaeile notes.

Creative writing:
Remember when we last spoke, we talked about creative writing based around the Celtic gods and goddesses?

use kidrex to research your favourite god/goddess and create a piece of creative writing.
Have fun!

Thursday 23rd April 

Mental maths:Wk: 30, Thurs

English in Practice: Day: 128

Art: Michelle Reader

Science: Every April 22nd is Earth Day.  Never heard of it? Follow the link below and do some research of your own using to find out more.

Friday 24th April

Mental maths: Fri Test, week 30

Maths: Weight will continue on next week as well.  If you want to work on, do so. It is pages 135-139

RTE home hub covered ‘Haiku’ poetry on Tuesday.
Watch the home hub and have a go, also below is the link to help explain it more;

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