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Swimming achievement

Well done Olivia.  Olivia received a medal for swimming 50 m.

Investigating Electricity: Junior engineers at work!!


Genius Hour: Part 2

Mia presented an interesting fact file about the Famous Coco Chanel
Colleen based her presentation on Disneyland 
Rahemma informed us about the function of the heart
Conor presented an interesting fact file on Tigers 
Maksim told us all about rabbits
Megan told us all about Ogham, the First form of writing used in ancient Ireland. 

Genius Hour: Part 2

The class have been working on the their second genius hour presentations.  We are splitting it up over 3 Fridays so everyone has a chance to present.
Here are a snapshot of the past 2 friday's genius hour presentations.
Leon informed us about Tasmanian Devils
David documented how he produced this amazing piece of glass
Sophie's presentation was based on the great white shark
Thomas informed us on the snow leopard
Killian told us about the history of soccer
Sarah gave an interesting presentation based on fireworks.

Credit union winner

Congratulations to Killian Reilly who came 3rd in the credit union art competition.  Killian won 30 Euro and a piggy bank with his 'Imagination' drawing of money falling from the sky.

Math help
A great website for extra maths help.  Lots of maths games that are also tablet friendly.

Halloween fun